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Holmes Hobbies CrawlMaster Mini ESC – V2 – RTR XT60 (RTR NOT BARE BOARD)

Holmes Hobbies CrawlMaster Mini ESC – V2 – RTR XT60 (RTR NOT BARE BOARD)

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  • Holmes Hobbies motor recommendations:
    Crawlmaster BL 540 Stubby 1800-2700kv max 4 cell
    Revolver 2500kv 10 pole max 4 cell
    Revolver 1000-2200kv 14 pole max 4 cell
    Revolver 2500kv 14 pole max 3 cell
    Revolver 540L Classic 1450-1950kv max 3 cell. 1950Kv will need sine power lowered to 5 using serial programmer.


  • Crawlmaster Mini v2 ESC 

    The CrawlMaster Mini ESC is a new ESC designed for the needs of RC Rock Crawlers! The v2 design adds an internal BEC and larger mosfets for stable use on 4s with higher KV motors. It harnesses the power of 32 bit technology to offer the smooth, quiet, and torque dense driving you desire in an extra small package! The ESC is bare and not soldered or waterproofed, so you can make your wires the exact length needed for custom installs. We recommend coating with silicon conformal if you plan to run in wet, moist, or dusty environments.

    Instructions: crawlmaster-mini-v2-instructions.pdf


    • 1/10th and smaller Single speed Trail, Scale, and Rock Crawlers such as TRX4 Sport, SCX10, Element Enduro, etc..
    • Recommended 8lb limit, subject to gearing, driving style, terrain, etc.
    • NOT recommended for two speed vehicles, rock racers, tow rigs, and other high load installations.


    • 32 bit processing power unlocks advanced control algorithms and future upgrades
    • Exclusive Sinewave Startup (like FOC) but open system and compatible with all motors
    • Silent operation with most motors, inaudible switching frequency
    • Intelligent RPM lock at low speed for unmatched control when it matters most
    • Normal “PWM” throttle above startup for predictable power output and less broken parts
    • No on/off switch to fail. Plug it in and go!
    • Overcurrent, temperature, stalled rotor, and throttle loss protection
    • Automatic cell detection and low voltage protection for LiPo battery
    • Ultra smooth throttle and strongest drag brake out of the box
    • 5 volt 2.5 amp internal BEC


    • 3 to 4s lipo (20v max)
    • 40a continuous operation
    • Dimensions: 38 x 27 x 4.6 mm (bare board)
    • Weight: 7g (bare board)


    • Bare ESC
    • RX wire (not installed)
    • Heat Shrink
    • Power capacitor for 4s use
    • ESC Wiring Kit + Direct power lead + XT60 lead & plug


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