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Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Pro 550 27t

Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Pro 550 27t

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When you need a quality brushed motor, there is no finer than a Pro Handwound from Holmes!  The TorqueMaster series offers fantasic torque with extremely smooth startup for a well rounded motor for your Rock Crawler. 


  • 550 size provides extra torque and power
  • Hand wound at Holmes Hobbies for highest performance
  • 5mm web 3 slot armature- Maximizes torque, efficiency, and offers smooth startup
  • Epoxy balanced armature ensures maximum torque, efficiency, and startup smoothness 
  • Silver brazed commutator connections allow higher tempurature operation
  • Vacuum dipped armatures withstand high RPMs without failure
  • Gold-plated copper brush hoods to resist corrosion and provide lowest resistance
  • Aluminum heatsinks shed heat
  • Filter PCB reduces EMF noise
  • Brush damper reduces noise and arcing
  • Can – 1.4mm thick uninterrupted back iron
  • High-power FB12 ceramic wet magnets maximize torque and efficiency
  • Dual Japanese Ball bearings
  • Adjustable timing
  • Holmes XX springs for consistent drag brake
  • Holmes Soft Copper brushes for high torque and longest motor life
  • Broken in for immediate installation and use


    • 27 turn three slot / 20,000 RPM (estimated) @12v @ 12 degrees timing
    • 216 grams 
    • 36mm OD x 60 length (not including shaft)
    • 1/8" diameter D shaft
    • 1" (25.4mm) mounting pattern for M3 screws
    • 6-9 cell nimh, 2-3s Lithium 
    • 23mm OD x 29mm length rotor
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