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Holmes Hobbies REVOLVER 540 M 2023 TEAM SPEC 2250KV

Holmes Hobbies REVOLVER 540 M 2023 TEAM SPEC 2250KV

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Revolver 540M Team Spec *DEC 2023 batch*

  • 2250kv
  • 105 grams light with wires and bullets
  • Grade 5 Titanium 1/8" diameter shaft
  • Gold plated magnets
  • 20% stronger magnets than standard Revolvers
  • v3 ultralight housing
  • precision magnet retention assembly
  • 35.56 diam. X 31mm long 
  • 28x16mm 14 pole stator
  • Holmes magnetics and housing design
  • 2-4S LiPo power input

2250kv Revised magnetics are 20% stronger for higher torque density, stronger hold brake, drag brake and tuned for ultra smooth AM32 startup! 540M size offers extremely stout performance for rigs over 7 pounds. 100% Holmes engineered for competitive crawling rigs and scale rigs that need a small motor.  

To prevent motor damage, be sure that screws are not inserted more than 3mm into the mounting holes.

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